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Residential Moving in Wichita

When homeowners in Wichita are on the hunt for residential moving services they know they can turn to My 2 Movers. Offering full moving and storage services we take an approach to moving that ensures you have the highest quality service possible from the beginning of your move to the end and beyond.

There’s no denying that moving is tough. Whether you’re moving across the street or across the country, no one likes packing up all their belongings, hauling them around, and then having to take the time to get their whole life set up again.

Our residential movers take that stress off of your shoulders and put it on to our capable and experienced ones.

Local Movers

As residential movers, local moves are our bread and butter. We’ve done them hundreds of times and have a solid plan that we’re able to execute to ensure the utmost in safety and dedication for every client. Getting your belongings from point A to point B smoothly is what we’re all about!

A great way to guarantee that your stuff stays safe is to work packing services into your moving costs. Why invest in something that you can do yourself? Well, there’s a couple reasons. On top of saving you a whole lot of time by relying on residential movers with years of packing expertise, when we pack, we’re responsible for the items that go into that truck.

We’re willing to bet you have a pretty busy life. Don’t take time off work when you don’t have to. Packing, loading, driving, unloading, and even storage. It’s all on us! Your Wichita residential movers.

Long Distance Movers

A local move is one thing but a long distance move is local times 10! We find that most of our clients are so focused on moving costs when making a long distance move that they don’t take the time to think about everything else. But that’s ok because we can do it for you.

We’ll start you off with a free no-obligation moving estimate, so you can get a handle on those scary moving costs. Our rates are competitive and with My 2 Movers you’ll never see any surprise hidden fees.

From there we can pack up all your belongings in specialized boxes with the best padding materials so they arrive at your new home in one piece. We work closely together with you make sure scheduling is on point so that when you arrive, we’re there shortly after to unload. As long distance movers our commitment is to you and making your move the least stressful one yet.

Reliable Residential Moving Services

On the lookout for moving and storage services in Wichita? For local or long distance moves, My 2 Movers are the team you can count on. Our full-service approach and commitment to top-notch client service set us apart from other movers in the area and has earned us top ratings from our past clients.

Are you ready to plan your move? So are we. Give us a call today to get started.